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To launch yourself into a new world when you have just retired is a daunting task but a great adventure. The early results are shown in these web pages. They reflect the images I see when I look at the wild, violent, explosive and colourful world of flowers and plants in all their shapes, forms and variety.
I hope you enjoy them and wonder at the power and magic of a world we look at every day but often don't see.
I have found as I developed these pieces and began to learn a little about the world of fine art, imagery and design, that it is often the case that we don't see the potential of what we are working on or looking at, and so, when my wife, Eva, suggested that some of these images could have multiple uses we began to think in terms of design. Our first efforts, fabrics for scarves, curtains and dresses are also on the web site - please view them and let us have your thoughts.

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  1. Ketan Yadav avatar
    Ketan Yadav Aug 18, 2014

    Having been very fortunate enough to have known Stephen Byrne for over 12 yrs, and his work in original form, the pictures do not do the colour, use of perspective and meticulous attention to detail justice.  I wish you all the success Stephen and I am looking forward to the exhibition.